Know the correct dosing and administration for your patients.

It’s important your patients get the right amount of EXTAVIA, administered in a way that works for them.

EXTAVIA has a well-established dosing regimen.

  • The recommended dose of EXTAVIA is 0.25 mg injected subcutaneously every other day.1

  • Gradual dose titration during initiation of EXTAVIA may reduce flu-like symptoms.1

  • Generally, patients should be started at 0.0625 mg (0.25 mL) subcutaneously every other day and increased over a 6-week period to 0.25 mg (1 mL) every other day.1

  • Dose titration is not necessary in patients switched from Betaseron® (interferon beta 1b). These patients continue at their current dose.1,2

  • EXTAVIA is the exact same molecule as Betaseron. EXTAVIA 0.25 mg was approved by the FDA based on the same registration trials as Betaseron 0.25 mg.1,2

Schedule for Dose Titration

Recommended Titration
Weeks 1-2
0.0625 mg
0.25 mL
Weeks 3-4
0.125 mg
0.5 mL
Weeks 5-6
0.1875 mg
0.75 mL
Weeks 7+
0.25 mg
1 mL

Injection Training Video

A step-by-step video for patients to learn how to properly prepare and inject EXTAVIA manually or using the Auto-Injector II.

EXTAVIA Auto-Injector II

This device is designed to make injection as convenient as possible for your patients. It may help them reach spots on their body that are difficult to get to with manual injection.

Our manual shows step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare and inject EXTAVIA, either manually or by using the EXTAVIA Auto-Injector II.

Download Manual
EXTAVIA Auto-Injector II Diagram

EXTAVIA Injection Site Rotation Guide

This easy-to-use diagram provides instruction on proper injection site rotation and allows your patients to keep a record of when and where they inject.

Front Injection Site Rotation Guide

If you are very thin, use only the thigh or outer surface of the arm for injection

Back Injection Site Rotation Guide

Images are not actual physicians or patients.

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