Support for Your Patients

For Your Office

Download information on the EXTAVIA Go Program

Learn how Novartis provides comprehensive support for you and your patients through the EXTAVIA Go Program®.

Download the EXTAVIA Service Request Form

Service Request Form (SRF)

Enroll patients in the EXTAVIA Go Program® by completing an SRF.

Download PDFs:


EXTAVIA Treatment and Support Guide

Learn about EXTAVIA efficacy, safety, dosing, and Go Program® information, all in one convenient place.

For Your Patients

Download the EXTAVIA beginning multiple sclerosis therapy guide

Beginning MS Therapy

A thoughtful guide to help ease the treatment decision-making process for patients diagnosed with relapsing MS or patients who, along with their HCP, are considering EXTAVIA.

Download the EXTAVIA patient brochure

Getting Started with EXTAVIA

This patient brochure provides an overview of the tools that the EXTAVIA Starter Pack contains that can help patients successfully manage their treatment with EXTAVIA.

View the EXTAVIA injection training video

Injection Training Video

A video for patients that provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare and inject EXTAVIA manually or using the Auto-Injector II.

Download the ExtaviPro 30G training guide

Injection Training Manual

A guide for patients that provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare and inject EXTAVIA, either manually or using the EXTAVIA Auto-Injector II.

Download the Injection Site Rotation Guide book

Injection Site Rotation Guide

Instructs patients on the importance of injection site rotation, the location of appropriate sites, and provides other helpful tips.

Access the website

EXTAVIA support information written especially for your patients on self-injection, co-pay support, EXTAVIA Go Program®, and more.

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